Ventilated Facades

ARTRYS Projekt gained its experience over years of working on prestigious projects both in Poland and abroad. We are a team of ambitious engineers who won’t back down from challenges which may arise in modern architecture.

Our main goal is to provide a full range of services for ventilated facades such as material delivery, installation and technical supervision - delivery of complete designs with required calculations, on site supervision and technical advisory.


We offer the following types of cladding panels:
artrys listaFiber–cement panels:: Equitone, Cembrit
artrys listaConcrete panels: Fibre C
artrys listaCeramic panels: Creaton, NBK
artrys listaVeneered panels: Prodema
artrys listaHPL panels: Fundermax, Trespa
artrys listaCompressed basalt panels: Rockpanel


ARTRYS ALUMINIUM BRACKETS system is a sub-frame used to fix cladding panels such as:
artrys listaACP
artrys listaHPL panels
artrys listaCeramic and stone panels
artrys listaAluminum and steel cassettes
artrys listaConcrete panels
artrys listaFibre-cement panels
artrys listaAluminium louvers

Over 150
completed designs
a combined surface of over 200 thousand  m2