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Ventilated panels

Material types

Concrete plate: FIBRE C

fibreC is a glassfibre reinforced concrete that combines the advantages of both materials. The technical characteristics, the quality, and the longevity facilitate versatile and avant-garde applications of a natural product.
Material Glass-fibre reinforced concrete
Surface: Ferro, Ferro Light and Matt
Plate height: 1200 mm
Plate length: Up to 3600 mm
Plate thickness: 8 and 13 mm
Class material: Non-flammable, A1-s1, d0 (EN 13501 - 1)
Fiber-cement plates Equitone Cembrit
Concrete panels: Fibre C
Ceramic panels: Creaton Tonality NBK
Veneered panels: Prodema
HPL panles: Fundermax Trespa
Rock fiber panels: Rockpanel